EDI Address

When you get an EDI document, how can you compose the EDI address? EDI address has the following format:
where aaa = ISA06 field, bb = ISA05 field and ccc = GS02 field in EDI document.
For example, in the following EDI document:
ISA|00|          |00|          |14|GFSBB          |12|FOODBUYBB     
The field delimeter is |. The 6th field of ISA is GFSBB, 5th is 14; The second field in the GS section is GFSBB. So the EDI address is:
Another example, whose delimiter is *.
ISA*00*          *00*          *14*118267624CCBP  *12*7043297824    
The EDI address is EDI://118267624CCBP:14:118267624CCBP
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