Output xml and relational data in OPENXML

This question arose from a post in SQL server forum. Due to performance reason, it is required to use OPENXML to process a big xml documnet. But it also needs to return a specific xml document for each record.
The source xml is as @xmlData in the following sample code;
The expected ouput is as:
First record:
It is Camry
<ns:Features xmlns:ns="http://xyz.com"><ns:Feature>Full wheel drive.</ns:Feature><ns:Feature>ABS</ns:Feature><ns:Feature>PW,PD</ns:Feature><ns:Feature>GPS</ns:Feature><ns:Feature>AC</ns:Feature></ns:Features>
We can combine OPENXML and xquery to achieve this.
OPENXML output meta data @mp:xmltext, which is the textual serialization of the element and its attributes, and also the subelements, as used in the overflow handling of OPENXML, i.e. it is the piece of xml that under the specified xpath in the second parameter in OPENXML. We can use xquery methods like .query on it.



@xmlData = ‘<?xml version="1.0"?>

<Root xmlns="http://xyz.com"&gt;




<Description>It is Camry</Description>




<Feature>Full wheel drive.</Feature>













<Description>It is Civic</Description>















@iDoc int

EXEC sp_xml_preparedocument @iDoc Output,@xmlData,‘<Root xmlns:ns="http://xyz.com"/>&#8217;

SELECT D.[Name],D.[Description],

— Construct the <Features> xml document by .query:



declare namespace ns="http://xyz.com&quot;;



for $Feature in ns:Item/ns:ItemProperties/ns:Feature

return $Feature



) AS Features

From OPENXML(@iDoc,‘ns:Root/ns:Items/ns:Item’,3)




nvarchar(50) ‘ns:Name’,


nvarchar(255) ‘ns:Description’,


xml ‘@mp:xmltext’

) D


Exec sp_xml_removedocument @iDoc


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