Debug Scripting task

Scripting Task
Scripting task in SQL Server 2005 take full advatage of and dramatically extended the capability of SSIS pacgkage. However if you use SQL Server 64bit edition, you may get the following error message in the Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications when test you package in the VSBID.
( Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications has lost the link to .
Your work will be exported to C:\Documents and Settings\…. when you quit the application )
This is because Microsoft Visual Studio for Application does not support 64bit. When the package is running under 64bit, SSIS service can’t find the necessary files.
If you run the package in debug mode and do not have breakpoint in the code , you can:
1) Go to the scripting task property and change the property "PreCompile" to true
2) Edit the scripting task–>Script tab–>Design Script… to open Microsoft Visual Studio for Application, go to Debug menu and select Build and save your work.
However, if you have breakpoint and want to debug the code, you will still get the above mentioned error.
To debug the scripting task code, in the solution Explorer in VSBID, right click your project and open the Property Pages, Select the Debuging tab in the Configuration Properties in the left pane, and expand the Debug Options in the right pane and change Run64BitRuntime from true to false.
Now you can successfully debug your code of your scripting task. The PreCompile property of the Scripting task does nto matter anymore, it can be set to True or False.
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