TextCopy: Import file into image and text column in SQL 2000

SQL 2000 has a undocumented command prompt tool TextCopy, which can load a file into a text or image column. The tool uses
DB-Library connectivity.
The tool is under \Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Binn. Goto the folder in command prompt, type TextCopy -?
You will get the following help:
Copies a single text or image value into or out of SQL Server. The value
is a specified text or image ‘column’ of a single row (specified by the
"where clause") of the specified ‘table’.
If the direction is IN (/I) then the data from the specified ‘file’ is
copied into SQL Server, replacing the existing text or image value. If the
direction is OUT (/O) then the text or image value is copied from
SQL Server into the specified ‘file’, replacing any existing file.
TEXTCOPY [/S [sqlserver]] [/U [login]] [/P [password]]
  [/D [database]] [/T table] [/C column] [/W"where clause"]
  [/F file] [{/I | /O}] [/K chunksize] [/Z] [/?]
  /S sqlserver       The SQL Server to connect to. If ‘sqlserver’ is not
                     specified, the local SQL Server is used.
  /U login           The login to connect with. If ‘login’ is not specified,
                     a trusted connection will be used.
  /P password        The password for ‘login’. If ‘password’ is not
                     specified, a NULL password will be used.
  /D database        The database that contains the table with the text or
                     image data. If ‘database’ is not specified, the default
                     database of ‘login’ is used.
  /T table           The table that contains the text or image value.
  /C column          The text or image column of ‘table’.
  /W "where clause"  A complete where clause (including the WHERE keyword)
                     that specifies a single row of ‘table’.
  /F file            The file name.
  /I                 Copy text or image value into SQL Server from ‘file’.
  /O                 Copy text or image value out of SQL Server into ‘file’.
  /K chunksize       Size of the data transfer buffer in bytes. Minimum
                     value is 1024 bytes, default value is 4096 bytes.
  /Z                 Display debug information while running.
  /?                 Display this usage information and exit.
You will be prompted for any required options you did not specify.
Copy TextCopy.exe from the default location to C:\ dirve.
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell ‘ c:\textcopy.exe /S APRND0096 /U sa /P  /T dbo.Employees /D Northwind /C photo /W "WHERE
EmployeeID=1" /O /F C:\myfile.JPG’
For unicode data (e.g. nText), you will get the following error:
TEXTCOPY Version 1.0
DB-Library version 8.00.194
SQL Server ‘Server name’ Message 4004: Unicode data in a Unicode-only collation or
 ntext data cannot be sent to clients using DB-Library (such as ISQL) or ODBC ve
rsion 3.7 or earlier. (Concerning line 1)
DB-Library Error 10007: General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Se
ERROR: Query execution failed.
E.g., if you copy Note column, which is of NTEXT data type, from table dbo.Employees in Northwind, you will get the above
mentioned error.’
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