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Track file access and IO activities in SQL Server 2000

Disk IO is one of the common bottleneck of SQL server. There are several ways to monitor IO activities, e.g. monitor the Avg. disk queue length, Avg. disk sec/read, and Avg. disk sec/write of a phisical and logical drive in … Continue reading

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Extended properties

SQL serverĀ supports extented properties for tables and columns. The properties can beĀ used to describe the table/column, and to generate database document. You can easily insert property value for the default property "MS_Description" in Enterprise Manager. But there is a bug … Continue reading

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UNION and deadlock

I once encountered a deadlock related with UNION. Table tbl_DataWorking(T1) and tbl_DataHistory (T2) have similar structure. T2 is a very big table (>2b rows). T1 is very small.There are two SPs:usp_GET_Data (SP1): it has the statement:INSERT INTO #tempData (StartTime,Value,…)SELECT StartTime, … Continue reading

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